Holy Ground: Spiritually Cleansing Your Home & Property

August 23rd – 25th – Minot, ND

Glory to Glory Ministries is blessed to have Dr. Timothy Davis and his wife Denise of Cleansing the Church Ministries join us to present this conference

THIS JUST IN: For those who cannot make it in person these services will be streamed live. If these streamed services bless you please consider making a donation to Kingdom work.

About Holy Ground: Spiritually Cleansing Your Home & Property

Over the years there are many who have asked Pastor Timothy, “Is it possible for my house to be haunted? Can demons be in my house? How do I deal with ghosts? What can I do to defeat these “things” that visit me?”

 For you to have faith in your ability to defeat these spiritual intruders, you must 1) believe that it is God’s will to dwell with you, and 2) understand that God desires to walk with you IN your home. Your home and your land CAN be holy ground.

 Part 1 – Fri.  Aug. 23rd   7:00 pm: Pastor Timothy scripturally proves that it is God’s will for your home to be holy ground.

Part 2 – Sat.  Aug. 24th   7:00 pm: This teaching focuses on the truth that only a “holy man” can create “holy land.”

Part 3 – Sun. Aug. 25th  10:30 am: We learn 7 practical biblical steps to cleanse your home and property.

Part 4 – Sun. Aug. 25th   7:00 pm: Pastor Timothy helps those who have cleansed their homes practice how to “keep it clean.”

About Dr. TimothyDavis:

Dr. Timothy Davis has served the Lord in full time ministry since 1979. He is most noted as the author of the Cleansing Seminar and the Cleansing Discipleship Seminar that hundreds of leaders worldwide are using to minister to and disciple their flocks.

 In 1990 Pastor Timothy founded and incorporated Cleansing Stream Ministries where his ministry grew over the next eight years. It became one of the most reliable resources available to minister to hurting people and to disciple mature believers to operate in the miracle gifts of deliverance and inner healing. Pastor Timothy resigned as president of CSM in 1998 and founded Cleansing the Church Ministries with the heart and vision to take the cleansing message worldwide.

 Today, the Cleansing Seminar and Cleansing Discipleship continue to be the focus of Pastor Timothy’s teaching. His anointing to set people free and his passion to train others for the harvest are at the core of his ministry. At local church services, his personal ministry is attended by the Holy Spirit with the New Testament expressions of miracles, signs, and wonders.

Pricing &  Registration

Conference is open to the public. A freewill offering will be received.